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Are you thinking about building a house? But haven't you thought about the financial framework yet? Well, today we took the trouble and put together a list of 19 affordable homes. Of course, we always try to be as accurate as possible in our prices. However, this is sometimes difficult due to current exchange rates and price-performance ratios in different countries. At least this is a clue that gives you a little idea. And who knows: maybe you will fall in love with one house or another?

1. Small three-bedroom family house

ARCHIPELAG Design Studio

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Who says family homes always have to be expensive? We start with an example that has three bedrooms, two garages and a small attic, all for about 70,000 euros. We are referring to a single-family home that is worth seeing.

2. Cube with hipped roof

ARCHIPELAG Design Studio

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This square house with a hipped roof is also available at prices starting at 55,000 euros. This house also has space for a large living room, threebedroomsand a small converted attic. The small wooden applications on the white facade are beautiful.

3. Cozy Family House with light wood elements

ARCHIPELAG Design Studio

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This simple home should not cost more than 40,000 euros. Although it has very simple dimensions, it cleverly uses the light wood elements of the white facade. This gives this house a special look despite its simple design. Big advantage: a simple house design allows you to do even more things in the garden.

4. Quiet suburban house

ARCHIPELAG Design Studio

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This option is also simple, but its design is modern and welcoming. With three bedrooms and a price starting at 45,000 euros, a small family will surely find happiness here, just outside the city center.

5. Contemporary in Minimalist style


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This white cube, which spans two floors, is very modern. With a living area of ​​just under 46 square meters, the house has three small bedrooms and even a pool in the backyard. The price can be obtained from the supplier upon request.

6. Renovated Town House

Vallribera Architects

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Isn't this narrow multi-story terraced house beautifully translated into contemporary design? Renovating this house with insulation and new windows in an elegant gray color cost only about 34,000 euros.

Do you need help with your project? Contact us!

7. Prefabricated House with Modular elements


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Prefabricated homes are always a good way to implement an affordable construction project. That is also the case in this case. The house consists of modular elements that are assembled on site. These types of buildings usually cost between 50,000 and 65,000 euros, not counting land or exterior facilities, of course.

8. Small Family House


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Small but pretty: this is this beautiful house that is presented with white plaster, wooden elements and a gable roof. With four bedrooms, costs start at 35,000 euros and seem quite affordable, right?

9. House in a minimum area


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This small bungalow has only a floor area of ​​just under 25 square meters and mainly consists of a living room with small rooms for parents and children - a perfect holiday home. The price is available upon request to the supplier.

10. Rustic, but modern

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Who said that rustic architecture can't also be contemporary? ThearchitectsThey have brought the country house into the modern era, as is easily evident from the design. However, the original material, wood, has been preserved. Conversion costs: 10,000 euros.

11. Country House Style on a Budget


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This small three-bedroom rural villa is equipped to accommodate a family. This construction, which also has a beautiful terrace, is available from 30,000 euros. And if it were built in such an idyllic landscape, the dream of having your own house would be perfect.

12. Mini House with an extravagant shape

Mizuishi Kota Architectural Design Studio/MIZUISHI Architect Atelier

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We have rarely seen anything like this. In some regions of Japan, structural conditions are so minimal that buildings with very special formats are often found. This is also the case with this house, where meticulous attention has been paid to maximizing the available space. The price is unbeatable: the small house can be built for 20,000 euros.

13. Prefabricated house

First class architect's office

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This is a house that adapts to the tastes of modern individualists: the prefabricated house initially has one bedroom, but can be flexibly equipped with bedrooms. The costs? Less than 70,000 euros.

14. Romantic House with a Mediterranean air.

coil Kazuki Matsumura Construction Planning Office

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This cozy little house is located between two buildings and exudes joie de vivre and southern style. Thanks to the white painted plaster and the wooden entrance door, the building looks like a small welcome. The price of said house is available upon request.

15. Simple family home with contemporary design.


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We have encountered this type ofPrefabricated housesquite frequently recently. Their construction is so simple that, for example, they do not need any overhang on the roof. In this way, the truly classic building suddenly appears extremely simple and minimalist and therefore fits perfectly into current times. Costs: From 40,000 euros.

16. Classic Brick House

ITA Poland s.c.

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This family home has a very classic look with red bricks. Since such a house must be built stone by stone, its construction requires more time and a little more time. Cost factor: between 50,000 and 70,000 euros in the basic configuration.

17. House with Pool


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We want to live the dream of a modern home with a bit of luxury. Maybe that also includes a small pool? This beautiful detached house with a flat roof comes with a pool for the family and costs from 50,000 euros.

18. Elegant Nordic design

Dow Jones Architects

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This modern prefabricated wooden house infinitely reminds us of the beautiful Scandinavian architecture. Priced from just 70,000 euros, it has an elegant yet natural look and is even equipped with underfloor heating.

19. Studio-type Wooden House

ecospace spain

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This wooden mobile home impresses with its minimalist architecture. The studio is quiet and clear and has space for one person. It is prefabricated as a whole, making construction even easier. But be careful: in Germany building permits apply to these types of houses if they are in the garden. Therefore, if in doubt, contact the responsible building authority.

A great idea for a Small House: the Extension

AMUNT Architects in Stuttgart and Aachen

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Once you've gotten a lot of tiny house inspiration from this ideabook, you might want to get started right away and build and plan your own tiny house. After all, all the examples are special houses.

Before we get started, we'll show you another great idea that may be interesting to many homeowners: adding a tiny house. In this way a significant increase in space can be created. The additional living area in this extension is about 50 square meters. The two-story addition is smaller than the three-story main house. For this reason, the small neighboring house fits particularly well into the picture. It also looks good on the sketch: the plan of the detached house and the plan of the extension are designed harmoniously.

In terms of color and materials used, both houses are also perfectly coordinated.

Of course, a small wooden house is also a great idea for expansion.

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Small Houses: The best 19 designs that will impress you | homify (2024)


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