Recipe for appetizer ideas based on vegetables (2024)

It's Saturday evening, it's 7 p.m. and your guests are arriving in 50 minutes?Do not panic. A quick trip to the local supermarket, 15 minutes of heavy-duty preparation and we promise you a gourmet, healthy and tasty aperitif that will be a hit with your guests.

To do this, simply choose from these 15 appetizer ideas based on… vegetables. Because yes, with vegetables, you can make nice and above all healthy aperitifs.

Bye bye peanuts:

1. Beetroot mousse and cream cheese
Recipe for appetizer ideas based on vegetables (1)


A clever mix of creamy beetroot mousse and cream cheese: salt, pepper, add a pinch of Espelette pepper and that’s it.The recipe here.

2. Zucchini breaded with parmesan
Recipe for appetizer ideas based on vegetables (2)


4 beautiful zucchini, breadcrumbs, a little parmesan, two eggs, salt and pepper, a little technique and voila: a gourmet aperitif and something to delight the most sophisticated palates.The recipe here.

3.Italian pan-fried bruschetta
Recipe for appetizer ideas based on vegetables (3)


A baguette and a pan of Bonduelle Italian-style vegetables: you won't need much more to make these bruschettas, which will make the most rital among you pale.

Add sunny vegetables and penne rigate, garnished with basil and oregano. For this, we recommend vegetables fromItalian pan-fried from Bonduelle.
And to discover this recipe,meet here!

4. Mini eggplant pizzas
Recipe for appetizer ideas based on vegetables (4)


Pizza… without pizza dough? No, it’s possible! And yet, this is the brilliant argument of these mini eggplant pizzas. Cook your eggplants beforehand and cut them into thick strips to make a “dough”. Then, spread your tomato sauce, your cheese and your olives... And enjoy your meal!The recipe here.

5.French toast with green delight
Recipe for appetizer ideas based on vegetables (5)


Bread, a toaster, salt and a Purée Délice – Délice Vert from Bonduelle? It has never been so easy to treat yourself!

And to make your green delight, nothing better thanBonduelle Délice Délice vert puree!
The recipe can be found here!

6. Zucchini chips with parmesan and black pepper
Recipe for appetizer ideas based on vegetables (6)


In the “gourmet, simple and healthy aperitif” family, we ask for “zucchini chips with parmesan and black pepper”. To do this, simply mix parmesan, parsley, pepper and salt and place everything on thin strips of caramelized zucchini in the oven... Let us know what you're up to!The recipe here.

7.Little spinach and salmon rolls
Recipe for appetizer ideas based on vegetables (7)


It’s hard to make it more appetizing than these little spinach and salmon rolls… and it’s hard to make it simpler! 5 eggs, 4 slices of smoked salmon, 1 fresh cheese with herbs and Bonduelle creamed spinach, and that's pretty much all you'll need to surprise the most gourmet of your guests.

In terms of ingredients, what could be better than addingbranch spinach with Bonduelle cream?The recipe can be found here. Pleasure guaranteed!

8. Cucumber and smoked salmon rolls
Recipe for appetizer ideas based on vegetables (8)


This is the perfect start to a gourmet evening. The voluptuousness of salmon combined with white cheese, spread on very thin slices of cucumber, is something to delight the taste buds of all your guests!The recipe here.

9.Sauteed carrot and whipped cream cones
Recipe for appetizer ideas based on vegetables (9)


Enough to make your aperitifs even more joyful! Made with parmesan, these little cones shine with originality and flavor thanks to the sliced ​​carrots prepared in Vapeur from Bonduelle, accompanied by a little full-fat cream and a pinch of parsley! Enjoy your food !

To prepare your cones, we advise yousliced ​​carrots prepared by Vapeur Bonduelle. You will not be disappointed !
The recipe can be found here!

10. Pan-fried chickpeas and tomatoes
Recipe for appetizer ideas based on vegetables (10)


A vegan and delicious stir-fry? That’s exactly what this chickpea and tomato pan promises. To prepare it, nothing could be easier: chickpeas, tomato, a pan and a pinch of paprika.The recipe here.

11. Cucumber stuffed with feta and olives
Recipe for appetizer ideas based on vegetables (11)


You will have understood, cucumber is in all dishes! Here, simply combine feta and olives and place them in the heart of your cucumber slices. And above all, above all: don’t forget to plant a basil leaf there. Because tasting is first and foremost through the eyes.The recipe here.

12. The salmon and avocado tower
Recipe for appetizer ideas based on vegetables (12)


This is enough to impress your guests: this tower of salmon and avocado is indeed guaranteed to delight your table while it is disconcertingly easy to make. For this, all you need is a mold and a little know-how: an avocado base mixed with a little crème fraîche, raw salmon and a little avocado on top, and that's it. !The recipe here.

13.Greek tortillas
Recipe for appetizer ideas based on vegetables (13)


Adopt Greek pleasures to taste theirsweet life!Cucumber, green pepper, tomatoes and... feta of course!It looks like it.The recipe here.

14.Risotto maki with beetroot, goat cheese and two sesame
Recipe for appetizer ideas based on vegetables (14)


Collective love at first sight guaranteed with these diced beetroot risotto makis from Bonduelle! To make them, nothing could be simpler: all you need is fresh goat cheese, a little arborio rice, sesame seeds and pesto. Your guests won't let you go until you give them the recipe.

To make this recipe, you will need (among other things): fresh goat cheese, arborio rice and of course,diced beets. You can find therecipe here!

15. Poached egg toast on a bed of avocado
Recipe for appetizer ideas based on vegetables (15)


Sometimes the simplest things are the best. And these gourmet toasts are proof of that: a poached egg, toast, and a little fresh avocado, that’s sure to brighten up your morning!The recipe here.

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Recipe for appetizer ideas based on vegetables (2024)


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