Party Pound Pot Original Recipe - easy to cook (2024)

The pound pot recipe braises in the oven and is an ideal party food. With a huge pound pot you can make both the extended family and many guests happy in an uncomplicated way.

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With the pound pot, the name says it all: because you use one pound of each ingredient in one pot. The original pound pot recipe from the 70s is still very popular today.

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My party pound pot recipe always works well when you need to easily feed a lot of guests. The pound pot in the oven does the main work. I love party recipes like this without hours of cooking!

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The pound pot in the oven has many advantages

I came across the original Party Pound Pot recipe from my stepmom when I was studying her recipe booklet again. She prepared it regularly in the 70s, but still enjoys it today when many guests come.

The name pound pot comes from the fact that its ingredients, at least the solid components, are almost exclusively added to the pot in 500 g units. This is easy to remember if you forget your shopping list 😉 .

The ingredients braise in the oven to form a hearty stew. Even stirring is unnecessary. You can completely take care of other things, such as the right side dishes or other party recipes.

The Party Pound Pot can also be prepared the day before, so you only have to warm it up slowly before serving.

So if you are looking for a suitable birthday meal, party meal or other celebrations, an uncomplicated meal for many, you are well advised with the pound pot recipe.

As a buffet component, the party pot is sufficient for 12 people. The main meal feeds 6 people. I like to serve baguette or slices of bread with it.

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Which pot for the pound pot?

For the pound pot in the oven you need a large ovenproof pot and of course an oven in which the party pot can braise for two hours.

The pot must be ovenproof, which means it can withstand the high temperature in the oven. It's best to use a roasting pan or casserole dish. Both pots need at least a capacity of 9 liters for this amount of ingredients.

I use oneroaster(affiliate link) made of stainless steel. After cooking, you can transfer the finished pound pot from the roaster into “normal” cooking pots if you don't like such a large pot on the table or buffet.

If you don't want to buy your own roasting pan for the pound pot, then ask your neighborhood or friends if they can help you out.

With the roaster you can create other nice guest recipes like mineOfensuppeor mineRouladentopfcook.

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What ingredients go into the Pound Pot Original?

You can get the ingredients for the meat-heavy Party Pound Pot in any supermarket. One pound of each solid ingredient, i.e. 500 g, goes into the roaster. It couldn't be easier.

I use bothbeef goulashas well aspork goulashfor the pound pot original. Likewise, I take itmixed minced meatfrom beef and pork. The mixture has more flavor due to the higher fat content. Likewise ensures mixedSpeckfor savory spice that comes from theOnionsis still supported.

Besides, you needroteandyellow peppersas well as peeled tomatoes, which provide fruity sweetness and color in the pound pot. Spices likeSalt,Pfeffer,Cayenne, somethingParsleyalso provide a strong aroma.

WithSceneandfinished saucesHowChili sauceandShish kebab sauceAdd more seasoning and liquid to the roaster so that the meat can cook for 2 hours without drying out. If you like other saucesHunter sauceorMexican sauceIf you prefer, you can easily use these.

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The original pound stuffing recipe is that easy

The popular party food has been very popular since it was first published on my food blog in 2019 and even made it into my first Spiegel bestseller.Cookbookmade in 2020.

You can find the pound pot recipe with a step-by-step description and an overview of ingredients that you can also save and print out in the recipe cardfurther down.

Otherwise, here is more information about ingredients, utensils and their use.

Frying minced meat and bacon

Before you can get started, you have to dice the bacon and peppers into small pieces. Halve the onion and cut it into thin slices so that you get half rings. You should set the ingredients aside differently because they don't go into the pot at the same time.

The first frying of bacon, minced meat and onions takes place at a high temperature, which creates plenty of roasted aromas. The remaining meat is just cooked at the end.

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The sauce for the party pot

First mix the sauce for the pound pot original in a large bowl. Chop up the peeled tomatoes a little, stir in the cream, the two finished sauces and stir with a whisk. Then you can season with salt, pepper and cayenne if you like it spicier.

In the 70s, people often used ready-made sauces from the bottle as a flavor carrier, including in the pound pot. Fortunately, the ready-made sauces are here todaywithoutFlavor enhancers, preservatives and artificial colors. There are countless variations of ready-made sauces on the market. Whatever flavor you want in the party pot, just add it.

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Preparation of the pound pot in the oven

The raw beef and pork goulash as well as the diced peppers now go into the roasting pan with fried bacon, minced meat, onions and sauce. You don't have to fry either beforehand. You fold it directly into the rest of the ingredients. In the closed pot, the pound pot is then cooked sufficiently in the oven and cooked like any braised dish.

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The pound pot is suitable for many occasions

It is always on the table when there is a need to feed many guests at once. Whether as a birthday meal for 15 people, Christmas dinner in the family, to feed tradesmen, etc. The pound pot has proven itself many times. Because it is a rustic, uncomplicated and delicious food that many people enjoy.

For large parties, you can simply keep it warm on the stove.

As a complete meal, the pound pot recipe is enough for 6 people. With side dishes or as a buffet component, you can make 12 to 15 people happy.

For festive occasions such as family celebrations or Christmas there is a lot of sauce, which is why side dishes likespaetzle, rice or noodles. As a rustic party pound pot with farmer's baguette, crusty bread or country bread are an uncomplicated variant to make many guests happy.

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In the FAQs about the Pfundstopf Original you will find further tips and answers to possible questions about preparation and storage.

Questions and answers about my pound stuffing recipe

How long can you eat from the pound pot?

You can keep the pound pot closed in the refrigerator for a good two days. It's better to fill the rest into smaller pots, so you can prevent "bare" spots from burning in the roasting pan.

Can you prepare the pound pot well?

This works without any problems. Up to a day in advance - the pound pot is one of those dishes that almost tastes even better once warmed up.

How do you reheat the pound pot?

To warm it up, I recommend pouring it into normal pots and the stovetop. However, slow heating and regular stirring are necessary.

Can you freeze the pound pot?

It is very suitable for freezing. It can be kept frozen for up to six months. You can defrost the pound pot slowly in the fridge, but also quickly on the stove while stirring.

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Party Pound Pot Original Recipe


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An uncomplicated party meal from the oven. The pound pot is sufficient as a buffet item for 12 guests. As a main meal, it feeds 6 people!

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PREPARATION30minutes minutes


TOTAL TIME2Hours Hours 30minutes minutes

PORTIONS12 persons




    • 500 g beef goulash
    • 500 g pork goulash
    • 500 g Minced meat, mixed
    • 500 g Smoked bacon, streaky-diced
    • 500 g Onions-cut into half rings
    • 500 g Pepper, rotten-cut into cubes
    • 500 g Peppers, yellow-cut into cubes
    • 250 g Scene
    • 250 ml Chili sauce-e.g. from Knorr, Kühne, etc.
    • 250 ml Shish kebab sauce-e.g. from Knorr, Kühne, etc.
    • 800 g whole tomatoes, peeled-in a can
    • 2 HE Vegetable oil, neutral-e.g. rapeseed oil or sunflower oil
    • Parsley, fresh-for garnish
    • Salt, pepper, chili powder or cayenne pepper-to taste


    • First, heat up your oven for the pound pot180 degrees circulating airon.

    • Then you cut itSpeckinto small cubes.

      Party Pound Pot Original Recipe - easy to cook (11)

    • Thereafterroll the diceYou thePaprikaand cut themOnionsin fineHalf rings.

      Party Pound Pot Original Recipe - easy to cook (12)

    • Now you leave in yoursRoasting pan / casserole dishdie 2 ELvegetable oilget hot and leave it in itsmoked bacon, dieOnionsand thatminced meat 2-3 minutesonhigh levelfry.

      Party Pound Pot Original Recipe - easy to cook (13)

    • Meanwhile you stir in onelarge bowldie peeled wholetomatoes(make these a little small), theChili sauce, dieShish kebab sauceand theScene each otherand taste everythingSalt,PfefferandChili powder(or cayenne pepper).

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    • Now turn off the stove and thatbeef goulash,pork goulash,Paprikaand thesaucein theRoasting pan / casserole dishAdd to the minced bacon and onion mixture and mix everything togetherstir.

      Party Pound Pot Original Recipe - easy to cook (15)

    • Then that oneLid on topand for2 hourson thesecond rail from belowinto the preheated oven.

      TIPP:About thatlast half houreverythingstir onceandlidlesscontinue to stew.

    • You can cook the pound pot the day before and warm it up slowly before your guests arrive. FitReis,Noodles,BaguetteandOutbreakgo Art.

      Party Pound Pot Original Recipe - easy to cook (16)

    • I wish you a lot of joy and happiness with my Party Pound Pot recipeBon appetit.


    Have you tried the recipe once? How do you find it? I am always happy to receive praise, friendly criticism or your tips and experiences. Please feel free to keep in touch using the comment function below. I would be very happy about that.

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    Party Pound Pot Original Recipe - easy to cook (2024)


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