Modern House Colors: 50 Ideas and Tips for Choosing Yours (2024)

Thousands of colors to choose from, but when it comes to deciding which color to paint the facade, you can't get anywhere, can you?

With so many options this is more than normal. But, luckily, there will always be a guide tohouse colorsmodern ideas like this one to help and inspire you.

Come with us to check it out.

Modern house colors and the color circle

The color wheel will be your best friend from now on. It is from there that your decisions will be made.

The reason is simple. There, on the circle are the 12 main color bands, the three primary colors, the three secondary colors and the six tertiary colors.

From them all color compositions can be created and harmonized.

But before venturing into the color wheel, it is important to understand how to use it and, thus, get the best out of this tool.

Basically, you will notice that the colors are arranged next to each other, at the same time that they start from a dark tone on the outer edge of the circle until reaching a light tone, with low saturation, in the center of the circle.

See below how to create the best color combinations for modern homes based on reading the color wheel:

Complementary colors

Complementary colors are those that are on the opposite side of each other on the color wheel.

They create contrast between each other and guarantee a modern, lively, cheerful and relaxed effect. Ideal for house facades that wish to reinforce this characteristic in architecture.

To discover the complementary color to blue, for example, just draw a straight line to the other end of the circle and you will find orange.

Therefore, a good combination for an original, creative, modern and cheerful facade is the colors blue and orange.

The same goes, for example, for complementary compositions between green and pink or yellow and purple.

Analogous colors

Analogous colors, unlike complementary ones, harmonize due to similarity, that is, the low degree of contrast between them.

To discover an analogous color, simply look at the color immediately next to the color you want to use.

Supposing, for example, that your intention is to use blue, then the analogous color can be either green or purple.

If the intention is to use yellow in painting the facade, then the analogous tones can be either green or orange.

The use of analogous colors adds modernity to the facade, but with greater discretion and tranquility.

tone on tone

Tone on tone, also called monochromatic painting, consists of using just one color from the circle to apply to the facade.

The fun of this type of painting is the variation in saturation, going from the darkest to the lightest tone.

This type of composition is ideal for painting modern facades that aim to provide a cleaner, more sophisticated look.

Exterior modern house colors

Neutral tones

Neutral tones are always good color options for modern exterior houses.

Here, we can go from white to black, passing through shades of gray. These colors convey sophistication, tranquility and solidity, in addition to being considered timeless, that is, they never go out of “fashion”.

The ideal is to paint the entire facade with just a light neutral color, such as white or gray and add details in darker tones, which could be gray or black.

Another option is to use vibrant colors in the details in contrast to neutral tones.

Earthy tones

Earthy tones are very popular in the colors of modern exterior houses. These tones suggest calm, harmony and a desire for greater contact with nature.

Therefore, they end up looking perfect on facades that also feature gardens or other natural elements, such as wood and stones.

Among the most used modern earthy tones are terracotta, burnt pink and mustard.

Blues palette

Blue is a color always related to modern environments. It is calm and refreshing.

You can choose to use the blue palette on the facade of the house combined with complementary, analogous, neutral colors or even in a tone on tone.

Two green palette

Shades of green are another popular choice when it comes to modern house colors.

Color conveys balance, warmth and is closely related to nature.

Use it, as well as blue, in complementary, analogous, neutral or tone-on-tone compositions.

Trending colors

But if your intention is to follow the latest color trends, then the tip is to opt for the colors of the year.

In 2021, for example, the colors of the year chosen by Pantone, the largest reference in color standards in the world, were “Illuminating Yellow”, a vibrant and illuminated shade of yellow, and “Ultimate Grey”, a shade of gray.

For the Suvinil brand, the color of the year 2021 was Meia-Luz, a shade of pink inspired by the sunset.

While the Coral brand chose Pedra Esculpida as its color of the year 2021, an earthy shade of beige.

Tips for choosing modern house colors

Match the style of the house

Modern house colors need to match the style and architecture of the house.

A typically modern house, with straight lines, large windows and a built-in roof, calls for more neutral and sober colors, even to highlight the minimalist aesthetic of the architecture.

But that doesn't mean you can't use color. On the contrary. The tip is just to control the saturation and prefer softer tones.

A modern house, but with rustic details and features, for example, looks beautiful in earthy tones.

Reflect the personality of residents

The color of the house also needs to reflect the personality of those who live there. Extroverted people who are always receiving visitors do very well with warm, bright colors.

Those who enjoy contact with nature, for example, can opt for a fresh and cozy composition between the analogous colors blue and green.

Maintenance and cleaning

When choosing the color of the facade, take into account ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Light colors, in general, are more susceptible to showing dirt and stains. In this case, the ideal is to leave them in places with less exposure and avoid, for example, a wall without an eaves.

However, dark colors or those with greater saturation reflect dirt less and are therefore easier to clean, in addition to requiring less frequency between maintenance.

Pay attention to coverings and frames

A house facade is never just made of walls. There are doors, windows, bars, gate and other elements that make it up, including the roof.

So, when choosing the color, keep all these details in mind. A tip is to leave neutral colors for areas with greater coverage, such as walls and walls, and choose more saturated and darker colors to color these details.

Coatings are also important. It may be, for example, that you have chosen to cover only a part of the facade with stone or wood.

In this case, it is interesting to choose a color that harmonizes with the tone of the covering.

What paint to use for exterior walls?

Acrylic paints are always the best option for exterior walls. Those in a premium or super premium version are even more recommended, as they guarantee a better finish and resistance.

Remember to also choose a paint that has protection against sunlight, this way you prevent the colors from fading in a short time.

Prepare the walls before painting

No applying paint to walls with damp, mold or any other type of imperfection.

The first step is always to correct these problems and then apply the paint.

Otherwise, you run a serious risk of seeing your paint crumbling or cracking in a very short time. In other words, just wasted time and money.

Hire a painter

And to ensure that the chosen colors look beautiful and wonderful on your facade, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a painter.

This professional has all the knowledge, technique and tools necessary to guarantee excellent finishing painting.

Check out 50 photos of houses painted with modern exterior colors below and get inspired to color yours:

Image 1 – External colors of modern houses: light blue on the walls, black on the doors and windows.

Image 2 – For this modern facade, the option was to combine green and white.

Image 3 – Earthy tones for the modern facade with wooden details.

Image 4 – But if the intention is to create a modern and sophisticated facade, invest in brown.

Image 5 – External modern house colors: keep an eye on trends.

Image 6 – Mint green and white for the facade of the modern house.

Image 7 – Here, the colors of modern houses stand out due to their contrast.

Image 8 – A neutral and sober tone of green to enhance the modern architecture of the house.

Image 9 – Blue also fulfills the role of external modern house colors very well.

Image 10 – How about going a little extravagant and combining lime green with gray?

Image 11 – In this modern house, the composition of complementary colors is not at all obvious.

Image 12 – When in doubt, opt for neutral colors for the modern home.

Image 13 – White and gray for the facade of a modern and elegant house.

Image 14 – A touch of boldness with the color orange on the facade.

Image 15 – Uncommon, purple can surprise you on the facade of a modern house.

Image 16 – Do you want unusual exterior modern house colors? Go for the pink and black duo.

Image 17 – White! Always modern, timeless and with the advantage of combining with any element of the facade.

Image 18 – Facade of a modern house in tones of white and red.

Image 19 – Colors of modern and rustic houses with woody and earthy tones.

Image 20 – A little joy with yellow.

Image 21 – Here, the touch of color that brings are the earthy bricks.

Image 22 – Colors of modern and cozy houses.

Image 23 – Gray for those who want sobriety.

Image 24 – Pink is inviting and receptive, ideal for homes in the middle of nature.

Image 25 – And what do you think about combining yellow and blue-green on the facade?

Image 26 – Red!

Image 27 – Colors of modern houses that inspire calm and sophistication.

Image 28 – A hot pink to get out of the ordinary and try new colors for modern exterior houses.

Image 29 – Olive green, wood and black.

Image 30 – How about an all-black modern house facade? The extra charm comes from the bricks.

Image 31 – Earthy tones to welcome those who arrive very well.

Image 32 – White enhances the modern architecture of the house.

Image 33 – The house may be old, but try painting it in a modern color to see.

Image 34 – As the saying goes, a swallow alone does not make a summer, nor do the colors of houses alone form contrast.

Image 35 – Modern house with an all-black facade. Highlighting the use of glass that brings lightness to the composition.

Image 36 – Have you ever thought about including aqua green in your list of modern house colors?

Image 37 – Mix of modern colors and textures on the facade of the house.

Image 38 – The charm of light blue combined with wood and white.

Image 39 – Facade of a black house for those who want sophistication in their project.

Image 40 – Look at the complementary colors being successful there!

Image 41 – A monochromatic facade can be more surprising than you imagine.

Image 42 – Wood also colors the facade of the house.

Image 43 – White facade of a modern house. The lighting complements the look of the entrance.

Image 44 – Discreet, the orange appears only on the innermost wall of the facade.

Image 45 – The classic black and white that never loses its modernity

Image 46 – Stop everything and come see this incredible red staircase!

Image 47 – Simple also has its value.

Image 48 – Modern house colors that are always on trend: black and white.

Image 49 – Remember to match the color of the house’s facade with the other elements that make it up.

Image 50 – Colors of modern external houses, but with a rustic house feel.

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Modern House Colors: 50 Ideas and Tips for Choosing Yours (2024)


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