Live nature from the most impressive tree houses in the world (2024)

Neither you nor anyone else can say that when you were little you didn't dream of living in that idyllic tree cabin. We grew up and the dream mutated into the desire to escape for a romantic weekend to a cozy wooden hotel in the heights. Now that we are total fans of good design, we are totally “stunned” looking at fascinating architectural projects about trees and, why not, we look like crazy for how to stay in . If you told this to Will Beilharz - founder of Artistree Home - when he was just a kid, he wouldn't have believed it!

Live nature from the most impressive tree houses in the world (1)

With Beilharz's ability to imagine and develop projects, what is already one of the most beautiful and cozy tree houses in the world was born: Spyglass at Hometree. A prefabricated modular house located in the Sonoma Valley (California), made with sustainable wood with Scots Pine coating, thermally modified and PEFC certified, integrated into the environment and based on the shape of a folded leaf: cylindrical and with a dynamic cut at each end. Although, in reality, at first glance it looks more like a charming wooden telescope. The structure rests on the sequoia and we access it through a bridge 8 meters high.

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Live nature from the most impressive tree houses in the world (3)

Once inside it is impossible not to feel very, very comfortable: it is kept insulated thanks to three layers of hemp wool blocks, another layer of closed cell spray foam, a radiant barrier, the heat pump for the water and a Split load for heating and cooling. This is how the carbon footprint and its impact on the environment is minimal, but without leaving behind a sophisticated and very 'cosy' design. Favorable wind if we want to spend one or several nights there and feel at home (a luxury home): its kitchen is 100% equipped, the bathroom has panoramic glass and is wrapped in hexagonal tiles. At the end of the “leaf” we have a temple for rest, where we find a sofa, a bed, a table to eat and access to an outdoor jacuzzi.

From Spyglass we discover an open window to nature, where we live with it as equals: it is like a luxury house in which, at the same time, we connect in a very genuine way with our planet.


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1. Biosphere, the tree house wrapped in 350 birdhouses

The Danes at Treehouse have us used to very, very unconventional treehouses. Without a doubt with Biosphere they have overplayed the game. This great project was born from the collaboration between BIG and the Swedish ornithologist Ulf Öhman, and its design was conceived as a hotel room inside a glass cube suspended between two trees. The experience of connection with nature reaches another dimension when the space for people coexists with the space for birds, since the structure is completely surrounded by 350 wooden houses prepared for the species in the area. A unique and very special interaction.

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2. The Mirrorcube, the house that reflects nature

It seems like a lie, but it is very real: The Mirrorcube is the treehouse located in the north of Sweden, about 60 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. We are talking about a cube wrapped in a mirror structure that becomes invisible when reflected in its environment: a forest overflowing with trees. This “hideaway” is a one-in-a-lifetime shelter prepared for two people to spend the night. It is signed by Tham & Videgard and its design is, without a doubt, unique.

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3. Piil, pure design in an Estonian forest

Sometimes treehouses don't have to literally be on a tree to be one: in the language of architecture, it is also when it is elevated several meters within an environment full of trees. This is the case of Piil, a modular house made of wood and steel raised above the ground in a forest in Estonia. A cantilevered structure 4.25 meters above the ground and an exquisite interior and exterior design.

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4. Children's Adventure Garden or how to reactivate our bond with nature

¿Who said that the adult dream of the tree house had to be a hotel? Evans Children's Adventure Garden is a project aimed at providing an interactive educational experience that revives children's interest in nature play. A treehouse in an attractive visual environment, as it could not be otherwise, that stimulates the mind and body and strengthens ties between young people and the environment. It is designed with 113 fins that create a semi-transparent curtain that beautifully wraps the different levels of spaces dedicated to children and adults. A creative challenge full of shadows, lights and sounds that invite us to explore an environment of pines and oaks from a privileged architectural space located since 2018 on the slope of Ouachita Mountain, along Lake Hamilton in Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs, Ark.

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5. The Redwoods Treehouse, a hazelnut house in New Zealand

Could such an incredible house be the result of an advertising campaign? The answer is yes, it exists and is located exactly in Auckland, New Zealand. It was later converted into a restaurant and can now be rented for parties and other events. Pacific Environments Architects is the studio responsible for the project.

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6. The UFO Treehouse, a spaceship to sleep in Sweden

Branding was invented for this. So, let's ask (and imagine), let's ask for a vacation from another planet staying in a UFO-shaped tree house. A totally impressive and unexpected flying saucer design, which is accessed via an external staircase. It has an area of ​​30 square meters, it is equipped with a double bed, but with the showers and sauna in two other separate buildings. A design developed by Bertil Harström in which the interior design is not the most successful, but where its exterior aesthetics have not left anyone indifferent.

Live nature from the most impressive tree houses in the world (2024)


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