How to make dried tomatoes, how to hydrate them, preserve them and recipes to prepare them (2024)

Although fresh they are incomparable,Consuming dried tomatoes has its advantages.As with many other foods since ancient times, drying is a preservation method thatextends its useful life.

Furthermore, in this case, dried tomatoes concentrate andthey accentuate all its flavorThey take up less space, there is no need to refrigerate them to store them andThey can be available all year round.

Once hydrated, they serve multiple recipes.. They are widely used in Mediterranean cuisine,ideal for fillingsmeat or chicken, pasta, cakes or empanadas, alsoto flavor breadsand it is fabulous in salads. If we make them in quantity, they are kept in a jar in the refrigerator, covered with oil and spices to taste.

Dry tomatoes

How to make homemade sundried tomatoes

Although dried tomatoes can be bought in many supermarkets and almost any health food store, you probably wonderedhow to dehydrate tomatoes at homeand the answer is simple: with time.

There are three ways to dry tomatoes at home. The first is to dry them in the sun,arranged on gridsthat allow air circulation, cut in half or into quarters and sprinkled with salt, which facilitates dehydration. This will keep away any pests that are roaming around.

At night they must be covered with canvas or protected from possible dew andThe next morning the procedure is repeatedto continue the drying process. They can be rotated. So on until the tomatoes are very dry, without a trace of moisture.

Sun dried tomatoes. Photo: Shutterstock.

NotablyNot only does it need sunlight, but also heat, so they cannot be dried this way in the middle of winter. In this case,They should be dried in the oven at a low temperature of approximately 60°.. The 6 or 7 days that dehydration takes in the sun will become4 or 6 hours.

Before putting them in the oven you have toCut the tomatoes in half or into quarters, remove the seeds(they can be left but they will take much longer) and place them on a plate. A little salt, sugar and spices can help the final product, but if you want a neutral tomato, simply place it in the very low oven and rotate its position from time to time.

Oven dried tomatoes. Photo: Shutterstock.

The third way is using a dehydrator, a device that is found in appliance stores. It works by circulating hot air through trays. You can choose the temperature, which usually ranges from 40 to 70°, and the drying time. It is smaller in size than a small microwave and plugs into power.

How to hydrate dried tomatoes

A common mistake is to “hydrate” purchased dried tomatoes in oil.If the tomatoes are old, that is, they were dehydrated months ago, the product becomes hard and its contact with the oil does not achieve the hydration it needs.

In this case, it is necessary to leave the tomatoes in hot water for a few minutes., until they soften. Once ready, dry them with absorbent paper and place them in a jar with olive oil (it can be another type of oil, but olive oil gives it a Mediterranean flavor) and, if desired, add cloves of garlic and some herbs. at ease.

If the tomatoes to be hydrated are fresh, tender and soft or if we have just dried them in the oven or sun, they can be hydrated directly in oil.It is advisable to wait at least a week before consuming that the preserve is very tasty.

How long do dried tomatoes keep?

If you want to knowwhen sundried tomatoes "expire", we tell you that well preserved, in airtight containers that do not allow the entry of air or bacteria, dehydrated productsThey keep for many months.

Once hydrated and put in oil,They should first be kept in the refrigerator for approximately four weeks.. When serving them, be careful to use a clean fork or skewer so that it does not contaminate the jar.

Dried tomatoes go very well with pasta. Photo: Romero Store

Once the tomatoes are finished, the jar will be left with an exquisite oil., very aromatic. So what can you do with the oil from sun-dried tomatoes? Throwing them away is not a good idea. We share a little secret. If there are any particles of the fruit left or there are garlic and herbs, you can strain it, even filter it with a cloth and its destiny will be to season a good salad, for example.

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How to make dried tomatoes, how to hydrate them, preserve them and recipes to prepare them (2024)


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