How to contact VNPT switchboard, 24/7 hotline number (2024)

VNPT switchboardis the place to receive and answer all problems of users of this network service. So how to contact this switchboard? What is the 24/7 contact hotline number? Please follow our article below for more detailed information!

What is the VNPT switchboard number?

Users using any of VNPT's services can contact anywhere when they encounter problems. You will have questions about rates, service quality or feedback about unsatisfactory experiences answered. When calling the numberVNPT switchboard, this conversation will be recorded live for the purpose of better service improvement. For user complaints, the company will record and respond in the next 2 to 3 days.

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Currently, VNPT is divided into many switchboard numbers with different segments. This helps to divide the flow and solve users' problems quickly, avoiding overload.

List of VNPT switchboards for each service segment

Each service segment of VNPT will have its own and unique switchboard number. In case you see the contact mobile phone number in charge of new registration, this is the number of the sales staff. Below are the switchboard numbers of VNPT network for you to contact when needed, specifically:

Call center answers questions about mobile network products and services

If you use Vinaphone mobile network and have any questions related to the communication and usage process, you can call 18001091 for support. With numbersVNPT switchboardwill be divided into 5 branches to support you 24/7. Note, branch 4 only serves you from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day, including holidays.

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  • Branch 1: To advise and support services and customer care of Vinaphone network
  • Branch 2: Record user feedback on issues related to service quality, payment, calls,...
  • Branch 3: If you want to support using VNPT Pay wallet, Mobile Money, Vpoint service, MNP service, choose this switchboard branch.
  • Branch 4: Support role for agents and retail centers of VNPT network.
  • Branch 5: Role of checking and updating new user information.

Call center answers questions about IT products and services and digitalization

For information technology and digital services, VNPT has its own hotline to support and answer questions. Please contact 18001260 for staff support at any time, even during holidays. Same as above,VNPT switchboardAnswering and supporting information technology and digital products and services are also divided into the following branches:

  • Branch 1: Answering and consulting information technology services for business organizations, education, healthcare, smart technology networks for tourism,...
  • Branch 2: Support issues related to data centers, cloud computing or SMS Brandname.
  • Branch 3: If you have questions about internet, television, and business phone services, choose this branch.
  • Branch 4: To support users in handling technical-related problems.

Call center supports and answers questions about internet, My TV, and landline phone service products

VNPT switchboardAnswering and supporting issues related to internet services, MyTV, and landline phone is 18001166. All of your questions will be quickly answered by switchboard staff.

  • Branch 1: Notification of problems, damage and repair requests.
  • Branch 2: Advise customers to better understand products, services and support Vinaphone wifi network installation.
  • Branch 3: Receive customer opinions about service quality and complaints.

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Note, for branch number 1, you can contact 24/7, but branches number 2 and 3 only support from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day, including holidays. You need to note this, avoid contacting support without receiving a response.

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Some other customer care channels of VNPT

Above are the numbersVNPT switchboardSupport and answer questions for each service area. Besides the switchboard number, customers can also contact through a number of other support channels via email or My VNPT application. We will share specifically how to contact through these two methods in the section below:

Contact via email

You can contact VNPT network via email to answer questions or need advice and support. Staff ofVNPT switchboardWe will check the information and get back to you as soon as possible. In case you want to cancel your internet or call package, you should provide complete information for the staff to process quickly. Note, with the email contact method, customers will have to wait longer than calling directly to the switchboard number.

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Contact via My VNPT application

My VNPT is also a way for customers to contact when they need support. The steps to contact via the VNPT application are as follows:

Step 1: First, you need to download the My VNPT application to your phone and register/log in.

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Step 2: Next, click on support -> select the service you need support for.

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Step 3: Complete the information requested by the application and submit a support request.

After receiving information from the customer, VNPT staff will contact you and handle the problem quickly.

Evaluate the quality of consulting and support of VNPT switchboard

VNPT's customer care service is divided into segments for flexible support. All questions, advice, and support will be received by the hotline 24/7. Professional, experienced staff, enthusiastic consultants help customers have the best experience. Furthermore, VNPT's support range is nationwide, so customers do not need to worry about geographical location or distance.

VNPT switchboardSupport and resolve for customers all products and services that the network is providing. You can contact the hotline to receive quick, enthusiastic support from staff:

  • Answer questions related to calling charges
  • Support and resolve technical issues and problems related to information technology and digitalization
  • Consulting on new registration services and attractive promotions for subscribers
  • Record reviews and complaints from users
  • Handle procedures, policies, and thoughtful customer care services.

Some frequently asked questions about VNPT switchboard

VNPT is one of the leading network operators in our country with a large number of customers. Below, we will answer questions related to VNPT switchboard for your reference:

Which number should I contact the VNPT switchboard in Hanoi?

From June 5, 2020, the switchboard number 024 800 126 will stop working, VNPT will not be divided into support areas. If customers need advice or support, they will contact 1800 1166. If customers report having problems with the transmission line, select key 1. To register for the services provided by VNPT, press key 2; If you need advice on voice packages, press 3.

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Which number should I contact the VNPT switchboard in Ho Chi Minh City?

As we mentioned above, currently VNPT has a nationwide switchboard number of 1800 1166. Contacting this switchboard number, customers will receive advice and support on products and services that the network provides. grant. At the same time, provide technical support if customers encounter damage to transmission lines, information technology products, or digitization.

How are technical issues resolved?

VNPT's customer care and support process is highly appreciated, problems are resolved quickly. After receiving customer comments, the hotline will resolve the issue according to the following process:

For customers who need support registering new products and servicesVNPT switchboardstaff will assist immediately.

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For technical cases, the operator will show you how to fix the problem right during the call. If not, technical staff will come to your place to help you fix the problem. Waiting time can fluctuate around 3 hours. For businesses, business units can prioritize earlier appointments.

Why can't I call the VNPT switchboard?

In reality, there are many cases where customers cannot contact the VNPT operator switchboard. The cause of this error may be because you dialed the wrong number or the SIM is locked. Therefore, please make sure that you have called the correct VNPT network switchboard number that we have shared above. Currently, some websites provide impersonated switchboard numbers to profit from users. Therefore, please increase your vigilance and call the official switchboard number of VNPT.

If you cannot call the VNPT network switchboard, you need to check to see if the phone SIM is locked or defective? In this case, you can use another phone to contact the switchboard for advice and support to answer your questions.

Should I call the VNPT switchboard?

Calling the switchboard directly brings you many benefits. You don't need to spend a lot of time going to the dealer to ask questions or complain. When you encounter technical problems, you can contact the hotline to have staff show you how to fix it. Furthermore, contact the VNPT network switchboard to not miss out on attractive promotions.

Interim Conclusion

In the above article, we have provided the phone numberVNPT switchboardfor your reference. Depending on the problem you are having related to voice calling, texting or internet services, call the appropriate switchboard. Most VNPT network hotlines operate 24/24, you can contact them when you need support. Stay tunedHoang Ha Mobileto update more interesting information!

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As an enthusiast with extensive knowledge in the field of telecommunication and customer support services, I can confidently provide insights into the content of the article about VNPT's hotline and customer support. My expertise stems from a deep understanding of telecommunication systems, customer service practices, and the specific details related to VNPT.

Introduction to VNPT (Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group):

VNPT, short for Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group, is a leading provider of telecommunications and internet services in Vietnam. The company offers a wide range of services, including mobile and fixed-line telephony, internet, and information technology solutions.

Contacting VNPT Hotline:

The article highlights that VNPT operates a hotline to address and resolve issues related to its network services. Users encountering problems or seeking information can contact the hotline for assistance. The hotline operates 24/7, emphasizing the company's commitment to customer support.

Hotline Numbers for Different Services:

The article specifies that VNPT has different hotline numbers for various service categories. This segmentation helps streamline communication and efficiently address user issues. The hotline numbers cover areas such as mobile network services, information technology and digital services, and internet, MyTV, and fixed-line telephone services.

Customer Support Structure:

VNPT has organized its customer support into branches or departments, each dedicated to specific services. The structure includes different branches to handle issues related to mobile services, information technology, and digital services. This segmentation allows for quick problem resolution and prevents overload on the customer support system.

Specific Hotline Numbers and Branches:

The article provides specific hotline numbers for different branches, including those for Vinaphone mobile network services, IT and digital services, and internet, MyTV, and fixed-line telephone services. Each branch has designated extensions to address various aspects of customer queries and support.

Alternative Contact Channels:

In addition to hotlines, VNPT offers alternative contact channels, such as email and the My VNPT application. These channels provide customers with additional options to reach out for support, making the customer service experience more flexible.

Handling Customer Queries and Complaints:

The article mentions that when users call the VNPT hotline, conversations are recorded to improve service quality. Complaints are documented and addressed within 2 to 3 days. This commitment to feedback and improvement showcases VNPT's dedication to customer satisfaction.

Common Questions and Troubleshooting:

The article anticipates and answers common questions users might have, such as the hotline numbers for specific locations like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. It also addresses issues like technical problem resolution, reasons for not being able to connect to the hotline, and the benefits of calling the hotline directly.


In conclusion, the article provides comprehensive information about contacting VNPT's hotline, the structure of customer support, and alternative contact channels. This knowledge is essential for users seeking assistance with VNPT's telecommunications and internet services in Vietnam.

How to contact VNPT switchboard, 24/7 hotline number (2024)


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