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To build a two-story house you must decide with the architect the style that interests you, here we will present two-story houses: some small, others a little larger and others definitely more expensive, in which you realize that the land It was not the problem of that family, for their house to be two floors, but the comfort of having the social areas, kitchen, dining room, living room, terraces with gardens and even swimming pools on the ground floor; On the upper floor are the bedrooms, television areas, study areas for the boys and even offices in the house. Yes, the layout is very important in the design of a two-story house…

Everything can be done in a two-story home:

- the needs of the family are defined

- the investment budget

- the architect makes some proposals until you can see your house, as if it were ready

- you decide coatings, style, colors and the house of your dreams is formed

Recommendation: when everything is the way you want it and construction begins, don't even think about starting to change things... your pocket will start screaming and your budget will go through the roof.

Enjoy these facades of two-story houses, you will surely like one and reserve it in your idea book, to save it to the architect and tell him that this is your style.

1. A two-story house with a stone-covered facade


This house, with a fairly traditional design, has the characteristic of having sloping hipped roofs, an excellent composition of roofs, with slate coating; The walls, as you see, also look covered in stone in different and very contrasting colors in these cases. With a large covered front porch, columns with pedestals and the front land instead of a garden, it is covered with paving stones forming patterns, without covered garage.

2. The other end of the design


In this two-story house the design is very modern, it is a quickly built house project, they are prefabricated modules that are arranged in different shapes, so that they can solve the housing problem, it is interesting to note that its straight, simple lines and very nice, they have everything you need to fulfill your dreams of a house for your family.

3.Also modern style, with volume details without extra ornaments

Christmas Madeira

Two almost identical volumes, a lot of white and only the gray element, is what marks the verticality and separation of the spaces found in the rest of the house, its communication with the outside through the large spaces with sliding doors glass, are the connection with the exterior of the home.

4.Very tropical with the palm tree in the front

Roncato Paisagismo e Comércio de Plantas Ltda

This two-story house has the style of a contemporary house, which you can see in a condominium in your city. The use of wood in the windows and doors, with its natural color, gives a certain warmth to the construction. On the second floor, on the façade, there is a pergola that protects this area from excess sun, cooling it at certain times of the day.

5. Modern and two floors


Like a concrete box that surrounds the interior is this house like afur,within which are the different areas of the house, with their large glass panels framed by metal. On the ground floor there are almost no solid walls, all the transparency is provided by the large glass planes, which make this sophisticated home look spectacular and very modern.

6. Two-story house open to the countryside and two floors

Artigas Architects

On the ground floor, a covered terrace runs along the entire length of its façade, an expanded social area that opens onto the large grass patio. On the upper floor, with a wooden lattice that protects it from the afternoon sun, the bedrooms and the rest of the intimate area of ​​the home.

Do you need help with your project? Contact us!

7. A wooden house with concrete and wood

Its modern style is defined with straight volumes and planes, its façade quite closed and the design of its windows with curtains, which defend its privacy. The large wooden lattice that covers almost half of the façade defines this design; There is also a garden and footprints for open parking within the grass.

8. The symmetry of a project is the definition of this two-story home

Scale Architecture

A house with a country air, its sloping tile roofs with signs of time, due to the color of them, it is a home with a symmetrical but beautiful design, which just by looking at it feels like a cozy residence, which is pleasant to visit and experience. . Very open towards the garden, in each space of the social area that opens towards this façade.

9. Two-story wooden house


This two-story house has the characteristic of being all built in wood, its texture, in each space of the façade, the sloping ceilings, the color it has, help it feel charming, when seen with its very well-kept garden at the side. forehead. This type of home, due to the material with which it was built, is faster to erect than a traditionally built house and can be as durable as any other.

10. Small and modern two-story houses


This two-story house was built based on a space that would be for storage, the floor was made separating the high-rise environment into two areas, ground floor and upper floor. The necessary rooms were thus developed for a family to live comfortably. On the second floor you can see the structure that is preserved from the initial construction.

11.Also made of wood but in a different, more country style


Two floors, sloping roofs, but a more complex design is that of this home. On the ground floor, the large tile roof eaves protect terrace areas, to enjoy the outdoors; on the upper floor balcony, the railing shares glass and wood in its design.

12. Modern semi-detached two-story house

Study A+3

This façade corresponds to thedesigned housefor two brothers, it is completely symmetrical and in some areas spaces are shared that can be transformed into a single, larger room, through the use of dividing panels that can be moved to suit the users. What do you think of this solution, savings? in construction and design?

13. Traditional two-story house with high ceilings


A two-story house with a different design, in which tower-style spaces and straighter environments have been combined. What is unique about this home is the height of the ceilings, which can be seen on the façade, which accentuates that impression by the windows, some covering from floor to ceiling, occupy part of the façade.

14.A two-story house for a starting family


Very simple and with that simplicity that you can call innocent, thiscasaTwo floors with an attic on the upper floor and very pronounced ceilings, the closed garage occupies a stone-covered space on one side of the façade. The design of the garden, of the entrance path, is part of this style that we stated at the beginning of this description.

15. It's not a joke, it's not a dollhouse, it's a very narrow house

08023 Architects

You can hardly believe a house like this, it is like a wedge in a very narrow plot of land in a difficult way, what makes you amazed is the delicate design of each of its parts, with a very open façade, with large windows that do not They only allow the entry of natural light, but also radiate light around them, a house to be lived in by people with very special tastes.

Sometimes you want to have a house and you want to see what is different because this article;The one-story house you have always wanted to haveIt is at your disposal for you to take ideas.

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Facades of two-story houses: modern designs | homify (2024)


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