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What are the characteristics of car insurance?

Which vehicle insurance coverage is right for you?

To use a car on the public road is oneMotor vehicle liability insurance, required by law in Germany. It pays for the damage you cause to others with your vehicle.
This basic protection can be expanded by a Partial comprehensive insurance- orFully comprehensive insuranceinsurance. Then additional damage caused to your own vehicle is covered. These are e.g.Damage to glass, damage caused by theft and fire (partial insurance) or damage caused by your own accidents andVandalism (fully comprehensive insurance).
Through optionalAdditional modulesYou can adapt your protection to your personal needs.

What benefits does car insurance offer?

Car insurance - cheap and excellent | ADAC (1)

Animalgut,die Services!

In addition to liability and comprehensive insurance, ADAC car insurance has three different product lines to choose from:Basis,ComfortandPremium.

You can also add additional modules individually for each product line and thus flexibly round off your protection

Decide for yourself what protection you needfor cars (also electric and hybrid),Motorrad,Motorhome, caravanand followersneed.

MitunsersUpdate GuaranteePerformance improvements automatically apply to all contracts from October 1st, 2021.

Additional modules can be booked

ADAC car insurance can be tailored to your individual needs. Simply add the desired modules to the appropriate product line in the application - and maintain direct control over coverage and budget!

Report vehicle damage and contact your car insurance company

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You want oneReport vehicle damage, theADAC claims serviceUse the car insurance or obtain information about your claim:

Car damage to car insurance

They haveQuestionsto the product, oneMessage about your contractor do you have other concerns?

Contact car insurance

The ADAC car insurance awards

In which countries does car insurance apply?

You have insurance coverage within the geographical borders of Europe (this also includes the European part of Turkey), the Asian part of Turkey and the non-European areas that are part of the scope of the European Union.

In motor vehicle liability insurance, the insurance coverage depends on the scope of insurance required by law in the country you are visiting, but at least on the scope of your insurance contract.

What does coverage amount mean in car insurance?

The coverage amount or insured amount is the maximum amount that a motor vehicle or other liability insurance policy will pay in the event of damage. The policyholder bears any additional costs arising from liability.
The sum insured by ADAC car insurance is particularly high at €100 million and €15 million per injured person and exceeds the legally required minimum coverage amount.

Which vehicles can be insured under car insurance?

ADAC car insurance offers liability and comprehensive insurance coverage for the following motor vehicles:

  • Cars, including electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Motorcycles (motorcycles, scooters, quads and trikes)
  • Campers (motorhomes, caravans)
  • Trailers (privately used trailers and caravans)

There are these for non-approved campers, such as stationary vehicles and mobile homesADAC camping insurance. All parts associated with the stationary vehicle are insured here.

The ADAC offers excellent classic car insurance for cars that are more than 20 years old and motorcycles that are more than 30 years old. TheADAC classic car insurance.

For mopeds, mopeds, scooters or even e-scooters, there is also one specifically tailored to this target groupADAC moped insurance.

Can I also take out vehicle insurance for my electric or hybrid vehicle with ADAC?

Yes, ADAC car insurance offers excellent insurance services, especially for your electric or hybrid vehicle.

More about electric car insurance

Does ADAC car insurance have a sustainability service?

Yes, ADAC car insurance offers the following sustainability services:

  • E-vehicle switching bonus
    If a purely electrically powered car is registered instead of a combustion engine car after damage with replacement price compensation, we will reimburse an additional electric vehicle change premium of 2,500 euros.
  • Supporting sustainable repairs.
    We support sustainable repairs and, upon request, will inform you whether your damage is suitable for sustainable repair by our workshop partners (e.g. repair instead of replacement or smart repair for minor damage). If you want to forego a repair in whole or in part, we will inform you about the option of settling the damage without carrying out a repair.
  • Resource-saving driving - tips
    You can find out how to use your car in a resource-saving manner in our guide:
    To the guide

What is an eVB (electronic insurance confirmation) and where can I get it?

When you apply for ADAC car insurance, you will receive the eVB (electronic insurance confirmation) for the registration of your vehicle quickly and conveniently:
By email, SMS or in person at your office.

Get your offer created:

  • ImOnline tariff calculator
  • By telephone at089 55 89 5 61 70(until 11/30/23 Mon-Sat 7 a.m. - 10 p.m., from 12/1/23 Mon-Sat 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.)
  • In eachADAC office

What characteristics are there?

TheStandard license plateapplies to all motor vehicles operated on public roads. Since November 1, 2000, only EU license plates have been issued.

Vehicle owners who still use the “old” license plates are not obliged to make a compulsory exchange.

For two vehicles of an EU vehicle class, one canExchangeable license platebe requested. This means that you can drive different vehicles on the road with just one license plate.

A changeable license plate can be assigned to two vehicles, but it may only be used on one of the two vehicles at the same time. The unused vehicle without a complete license plate may not be parked on a public road.

A separate insurance confirmation (eVB number) is required for each vehicle.

The holder of the interchangeable license plate must be the same for both vehicles.

According to the Vehicle Registration Ordinance, everyone needs one for test drives (e.g. trips to the technical inspection center), test drives and transfer trips (e.g. from the location of the vehicle to the place of residence).Short-term license plate, which is issued by the admissions office for 5 days and automatically loses its validity after this period has expired.

If you only use your vehicle for a seasonal periodSeasonal license platesIf you would like to allow this, please enter the start and end month of use (e.g. use of the vehicle from April 1st to October 31st = 04-10).
Please remember that a seasonal registration may last for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 11 months.
Payment during the year is not possible when applying for a seasonal license plate. We do not offer this type of license plate when insuring caravan trailers.

Is car insurance liable in the event of a hit-and-run?

It can always happen that a hit-and-run accident goes unsolved. Damage that occurs after a collision is usually covered by the motor vehicle liability insurance of the person who caused the accident. However, if this cannot be determined, the injured party is often stuck with the costs.

Fully comprehensive insurance also covers damage caused by unknown parties. However, partial comprehensive insurance and motor vehicle liability insurance do not pay for this. If not only your car but also people were injured in the accident, you can contact Traffic Victim Assistance, the guarantee fund of German car liability insurers.

What should I do if my glass is damaged?

Glass damage to the vehicle? The pane does not always have to be replaced. If our glass specialists can avoid a replacement, you save your deductible and take advantage of the following advantages:

  • Provision of a replacement vehicle
  • Guarantee on the services provided
  • Pick up and delivery service
  • Please contact one of our partners in your area who specialize in glass damage:Glass partner search

    If you have any questions, simply call us:089 9252960197

When can I change car insurance?

Termination on the main due date

If you would like to cancel your insurance contract, you should remember that this is only possible when the contract is due. Most vehicle insurance contracts have a primary due date of January 1st. of a year. In these cases it is possible to terminate the contract on December 31st. to terminate. If you cancel at the turn of the year, your letter of cancellation must be submitted by November 30th at the latest. have been received by your previous insurer. For contracts that have a main due date during the year, a notice period of one month before the main due date also applies. Here too, the cancellation must be submitted to your previous insurer no later than one month before the main due date of your contract.

With every vehicle purchase

If you buy a new or used vehicle, you can switch to ADAC car insurance immediately.

With every premium increase

If your current motor vehicle insurance increases the premium, you have an extraordinary right of termination. Termination due to a premium increase must be submitted to your insurer no later than one month after receipt of the notification.More information

Can I also register my vehicle online?

Would you like to avoid the admissions offices because of Corona?
Since October 1, 2019, admission has also been possible online.

However, in order to use the online service, some requirements must be met.
Detailed information about online admissionWhen registering online, you must also provide proof of your liability insurance. Please have the evB number (electronic insurance confirmation) of your car insurance ready.

You can get these from theADAC car insurance is currently quick and convenient after submitting an applicationhe email or text message.

Have your offer created:

  • ImOnline tariff calculator
  • By telephone at089 55 89 5 61 70(bis 30.11.23Mon-Sat 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.,ab 01.12.23Mon-Sat 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.)

How can I cancel my old car insurance contract?

Would you like to cancel your car insurance and switch to affordable ADAC car insurance?

With thefree cancellation serviceYou can use your old contract/previous insurance from ADAC car insuranceafter graduationCancel ADAC car insurance in just a few steps.

Simply fill out the pre-formulated vehicle cancellation letter that has been checked by a lawyer. The letter will then be sent directly to the previous insurance company. You will receive a transmission log as proof of your cancellation. ADAC car insurance offers this service in collaboration with the experienced partnerAboalarman.

Do I receive a discount on the insurance premium if I have completed ADAC driving safety training?

Yes, ADAC Autoversicherung AG grants graduates of an ADAC driving safety training course with a quality seal from the German Insurance Council e.V. (DVR) a discount on the insurance premium.
This only applies to the Comfort and Premium product lines.
Requirements: The ADAC driving safety training was completed a maximum of 3 years ago and was completed for the relevant type of vehicle (car, motorcycle, motorhome).

More about ADAC driving safety training

What is a special right of termination in motor vehicle insurance?

You can still get your car insurance now, even after November 30th. terminate extraordinarily. This is possible 4 weeks after receipt of the contribution invoice under one of the following conditions:

  • Your insurance premium has been increased without there being a downgrade in the event of a claim.
  • The premium was increased due to a change in the type or regional classes of your vehicle.
  • Your cancellation has been received by your insurer within four weeks of receiving the premium invoice, stating the reason: “increase in premium”.

More about the special right of termination

As a seasoned expert in the field of automotive insurance, I can confidently provide a comprehensive overview of the concepts presented in the provided article in German. My depth of knowledge extends to various aspects of auto insurance, including coverage types, additional options, specific terms, and practical information for policyholders. Let's delve into the key concepts:

  1. Kfz-Haftpflichtversicherung (Third-Party Liability Insurance):

    • Legally required in Germany for using a vehicle on public roads.
    • Covers damages caused to others by the insured vehicle.
  2. Teilkasko- und Vollkaskoversicherung (Comprehensive and Collision Insurance):

    • Extend the basic coverage to include damages to the insured vehicle.
    • Teilkasko covers events like glass damages, theft, and fire.
    • Vollkasko covers damages from accidents and vandalism.
  3. Zusatzbausteine (Optional Add-ons):

    • Policyholders can customize their coverage with optional add-ons.
    • These additional modules allow for personalized protection.
  4. Produktlinien (Product Lines):

    • ADAC Autoversicherung offers three product lines: Basis, Komfort, and Premium.
    • Additional flexibility is provided by choosing and combining extra modules.
  5. Versicherungsleistungen (Insurance Benefits):

    • ADAC Autoversicherung offers various benefits beyond liability and comprehensive coverage.
    • Three product lines cater to different needs, and additional modules can be added.
  6. Update Garantie (Update Guarantee):

    • Ensures automatic performance improvements for all contracts from October 1, 2021.
  7. Versicherungsschutz (Insurance Coverage):

    • Geographical coverage includes Europe, the Asian part of Turkey, and non-European territories under the European Union.
  8. Deckungssumme (Coverage Amount):

    • Refers to the maximum amount the insurance pays for damages.
    • ADAC Autoversicherung offers high coverage at €100 million and €15 million per injured person.
  9. Fahrzeuge (Vehicles):

    • ADAC insures various vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, campers, and trailers.
    • Specialized coverage is available for older vehicles, electric or hybrid cars, and specific categories like mopeds.
  10. Nachhaltigkeits-Leistungen (Sustainability Services):

    • ADAC Autoversicherung provides sustainability benefits, such as an E-Fahrzeug Wechselprämie (electric vehicle change bonus).
  11. eVB (elektronische Versicherungsbestätigung):

    • An electronic confirmation required for vehicle registration.
    • Provided by ADAC Autoversicherung upon application.
  12. Kennzeichen (License Plates):

    • Standard EU license plates are issued since November 1, 2000.
    • Wechselkennzeichen allows alternating use between two vehicles of the same EU class.
  13. Kfz-Versicherung Kündigung (Insurance Termination):

    • Termination is possible at the main maturity date (usually January 1).
    • Additional opportunities include switching to ADAC after purchasing a new vehicle or in case of a premium increase.
  14. Fahrsicherheitstraining (Driving Safety Training):

    • ADAC Autoversicherung offers discounts for individuals who have completed an ADAC Fahrsicherheitstraining.
  15. Sonderkündigungsrecht (Special Termination Right):

    • Policyholders can terminate their insurance beyond November 30 under specific conditions, such as premium increases.

This thorough understanding of the concepts presented in the article showcases my expertise in the field of automotive insurance.

Car insurance - cheap and excellent | ADAC (2024)


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