Baking custard cakes – recipe (2024)

Baking custard cakes – recipe (1)Baking custard cakes – recipe (2)

List of ingredients

  • For the cake batter
  • 100 g butter, at room temperature
  • 100 gr white castor sugar
  • 2 eggs, at room temperature
  • 1 tl vanille-extract
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 125 gr flour
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • For the filling
  • ½pastry cream recipe
  • Further needed
  • butter, for greasing
  • icing sugar, for dusting

Do you want to bake custard cakes yourself? That's possible with this recipe! You probably know them from the store, those little cakes with a creamy yellow filling in the middle. They are tasty, but homemade custard cakes are even tastier!

Baking custard cakes – recipe (5)

For this custard cake recipe you need a baking tin for cupcakes or muffins, but you could also bake them in small cake rings of 6 centimeters in diameter. Immediately after baking the cream filling is still soft, but it becomes slightly firmer as it cools. The cakes are delicious both warm and cooled!

Baking custard cakes – recipe (6)

Making custard cakes

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Grease a baking tin for 12 cupcakes well with butter. Then dust the mold with flour using a tea strainer. Knock the excess flour out of the mould.

Place all the ingredients for the cake batter in a bowl and mix briefly until you have a smooth batter. This is easiest to do with a (hand) mixer with whisk(s). Do not beat the batter for too long, when everything is mixed you are ready. Divide the batter among the 12 ramekins. This is easiest with a piping bag or ice cream scoop. Smooth the top of the batter with the back of a spoon.

Beat the pastry cream with a whisk or (hand) mixer with whisk(s). Place the pastry cream in a piping bag with a 1 cm serrated nozzle. Pipe a dollop of pastry cream into the center of each cake. Make sure the batter has enough room on the side to rise along the pastry cream while baking.

Baking custard cakes

Bake the custard cakes for 15-20 minutes until golden brown and done. After baking, remove the custard cakes from the mold and dust them lightly with icing sugar before serving.

Photos: Erik Spronk


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Comments (21)

Berry2019-10-20 10:11:15

Hi Rutger,
Homemade custard is much tastier if you make it yourself, I think, and the same goes for cakes.
So it is not difficult to imagine that these are delicious.
I'm putting them on my "to bake" list and as soon as my ankle injury allows it, you'll find me in the kitchen making these delicious custard cakes! Sure. I find them still warm, but not hot, the tastiest of all.
Thank you very much for the recipe, at least the idea. My mouth is already watering, but unfortunately it will take a few more weeks. Well... that's no different, but what's in the barrel doesn't sour, let's just say.
Have a nice Sunday and kind regards. See you next time.

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Carina2019-10-20 12:07:56

I will definitely make this too, they look too delicious
Have a nice Sunday

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Seam2019-10-20 12:37:32

Hmm, nice, I was looking for something tasty to take with me to “mother in LAW” this Sunday, so this recipe really comes in handy!!!!

Thank you dear Rutger, I have been a fan of yours since day 1 and I also have all your books, but all ebooks because I live abroad, but still better than nothing! Thank you again so much for doing this for us, sharing and explaining all your recipes, I hope you get all this goodness back in your life 100%

Greetings, seam

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Rutger2019-10-21 12:56:25

Very nice to hear! Thank you and enjoy all the recipes!

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Baking custard cakes – recipe (7)

Marieke2019-10-20 13:03:30

How wonderful.... had everything at home, so just baked it now: Quick and delicious something to "magic" with tea 👌🏻😍

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Js2019-10-22 14:50:35

Mmmmmm were delicious!
Could you also make them with a different filling? Caramel, can you also bake it in these cakes?

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Rutger2019-10-27 12:16:50

Nice to hear! Caramel is certainly tasty too! Or a teaspoon of curd.

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Baking custard cakes – recipe (8)

Nour's Mom2019-12-04 20:45:15

Hi Rutger,

I'm really happy to have found this recipe. I really like these cakes from the store, so let alone if you make them from scratch! Do you know if you can also freeze the cakes? Thank you in advance!

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Rutger2019-12-08 11:48:54

You can freeze them, but the custard filling will not taste any better. If possible, I would just eat them freshly baked.

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Baking custard cakes – recipe (9)

4202020-02-09 12:34:55

Delicious recipe made yesterday to combat the 'munchies. Brilliant success ✌️

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Lydia2020-03-29 15:54:23

Baked these cakes this afternoon and they were super tasty. Making the custard itself was really not difficult either.
Nice step by step description!

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Rutger2020-03-30 10:29:18

Very nice to hear! Enjoy it!

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Baking custard cakes – recipe (10)

Monique Stroobants2020-10-22 00:22:08

Wonderful to make

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Romy2020-11-24 12:28:52

Hi Rutger.

Should you just pipe that custard into the unbaked cake batter? Won't that leak out?

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Rutger2020-11-30 08:54:57

You actually pipe the custard into the unbaked batter, that works fine!

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Baking custard cakes – recipe (11)

Agnes2020-11-29 12:13:02

Hi Rutger,

Just a practical question, you say use a cupcake shape or muffin shape.
When I look online at Bouwhuis, there are various sizes in the muffin/cupcake tin BOX in the plate.
Do you have any advice on which average size I should buy to use?

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Rutger2020-11-30 08:21:47

Hi. For example, this is a suitable shape for these cakes:

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Baking custard cakes – recipe (12)

Agnes2020-12-01 13:27:30

Thanks for your help Rutger, I'll order it immediately.

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Mattie2020-12-12 11:05:59

Delicious recipe. I've baked it myself a few times from my beautiful Rutger baking book and it turned out great!

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Johanna2021-01-09 14:12:15

Baked these delicious cupcakes today. I used a ready-made brand new cake mix for the pastry cream. In the oven the cream rose from the cakes and after I took them out of the oven the cream collapsed completely and now there are voids in the cakes, looks a bit scary. The cakes are well done.

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Rutger2021-01-11 10:15:28

It is normal for the cream to collapse slightly. I don't know how that works with a cream of a mix.

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Baking custard cakes – recipe (13)

Aviva2021-04-27 14:17:49

I would like a recipe for the custard.
Thank you

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Rutger2021-05-03 09:07:04

If you click on the pastry cream you will automatically go to the recipe.

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Baking custard cakes – recipe (14)

Anita Simoens2021-05-22 17:54:41

I made them today and already tasted one. Great, I will definitely make this again.
The first cakes were difficult to get out of the mould. I let the next one cool for fifteen minutes and turned the shape upside down. Then they came out unscathed. Thank you for the clear recipe
Anita Simoens

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Tina2021-08-31 13:36:45

I always use half a pack of cooking pudding, sometimes rum raisins, also very tasty.

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Gabriella2021-09-08 09:45:50

Just made, it tasted delicious. I was wondering if this can also be made in a regular cake tin, for example?

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Rutger2021-09-13 08:01:13

I've never tried it in a regular form and it seems less tasty to me.

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Baking custard cakes – recipe (15)

Rinske2021-09-21 11:11:15

This is the second time I bake these cakes. I used lemon curd as a filling, which had to be used up. They are very tasty, but unfortunately my recipe is not enough for 12 cakes. I get to 9. I'm going to adjust the recipe accordingly.

To answer


Rutger2021-09-26 21:37:29

Do you have larger shapes? Or made them extra high? You can always make more batter of course.

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Baking custard cakes – recipe (16)

Stars2022-06-02 22:35:31

Is custard another name for pastry cream?

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Rutger2022-06-06 09:23:03

It certainly seems like yes.

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Baking custard cakes – recipe (17)

Stefan2022-06-25 18:01:23

Hi Rutger! I don't think this recipe is in any of your books, right? Or am I wrong? Do you already have plans for the next book? The baking atlas was also an asset!!

To answer


Rutger2022-06-27 13:32:42

Hi Stefan. This is in Rutger bakes the 100 very best recipes. My new book Toetjesbijbel will be released in November!

To answer

Baking custard cakes – recipe (18)

Stefan2022-07-09 13:40:19

The dessert bible sounds good!!! Can't wait :D You were right (of course) that the book contains the 100 very best recipes. Baked immediately and they are indeed super tasty. I always have to fiddle around with a piping bag like that. I really need to become a bit more adept at that. They weren't as beautiful as in the photo, but there was nothing wrong with the taste. Thank you for all your recipes!!

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Baking custard cakes – recipe (19)

Baking custard cakes – recipe (2024)


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