25 Ideas of Small and Modern Houses that You Should Know (2024)

Welcome! You are about to embark on a fascinating journey through the world ofsmall and modern houses, works in which the professionals in charge of designing them perfectly combine style, practicality and elegance, making the most of the little space they have to express their ideas.

From minimalist designs to avant-garde concepts, these residences will captivate you with their beauty and awaken your desire to live in them. Stay and discover all the ideas we put together for you! You will surely find one that your architect and engineer can base on to build your house, regardless of whether you do not have a very large plot of land.

Small and modern one-story houses

Small and modern one-story houses are the option you are looking for if you want to lead a practical, functional lifestyle and, of course, if you also want to find an affordable home within your means.In this sense, below we present some of the small or large advantages of this type of construction:

  • Less clutter: Small one-story residences, especially those with modern designs, are easier to keep clean and tidy, since they have less space to accumulate things.
  • More time for the family: by spending less time cleaning, families who live in this type of house have more time to spend together.
  • Ease of Access: All rooms in modern single-story tiny houses are accessible from the same level, making it easier for the elderly, disabled or small children to move around.
  • Safety: These types of properties are generally safer than multi-story residences, as there is less risk of falls or accidents.
  • Lower construction cost: Construction of modern one-story small houses requires less materials and labor than multi-level buildings.
  • Lower maintenance costs: since the elements that make them up are fewer and smaller, the homes in question usually require less repairs and maintenance than large houses.
  • Lower energy costs: Small homes require less energy to heat and cool than large residences, since there are fewer spaces to cover.
  • Lower taxes: Modern small one-story houses may be subject to lower taxes than buildings with two or more levels.

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In addition to the aforementioned factors, you will be thinking about a home with an outstanding design that will impress both the people who pass by your property and your future visitors. Therefore, take a look at the followingphotos of small and modern houseson which your architect and engineer can base themselves to build yours:

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Small and modern two-story houses

Lassmall modern two story housesThey are, on many occasions, proof that architectural creativity has no limits, due to the extraordinary way in which those in charge of designing and building these works take advantage of a small available piece of land.

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As in the case of single-level homes, thesmall two story housesThey present a series of advantages that, although significant, may convince you to opt for this type of home. And the possibility of having rooms on a couple of floors can be taken advantage of in the following ways:

  • A young couple with a small child can use the upper floor as a master bedroom and games room, while the lower floor can be used as a kitchen, living room and dining room.
  • An elderly person can use the lower floor as a living and sleeping area, while the upper floor can be used as a workspace or guest area.

The following ideas will surprise you with their charm, despite the limited space in which they were built. From clean or minimalist fronts to innovative material combinations, these houses demonstrate that the size of a home does not compromise its elegance and beauty.

Before moving on to the next ideas, do not forget that for the construction ofsmall and modern houses, both with one and two floors, it is necessary to use the latest generation materials. For example, today many people have stopped resorting to clay tiles, which are expensive, fragile and difficult to install, and instead have opted for more durable and easy-to-place pieces, such as the Galvateja and thePlastiteja sheet.

Likewise, currently, thesteel profiles, as is the case ofmountain pollen, to mention just one example, give homes a much more modern look than wooden poles and beams. Regarding this topic, we invite you to watch the following video, in which we talk about 7 materials for the construction ofsmall and modern houseswhich you should definitely know.

25 Ideas of Small and Modern Houses that You Should Know (11)

Floors for small and modern houses

As we told you in the articleThe 14 Steps to Building a House: Guide from Scratch!, one of the final jobs in this type of work is the preparation of the finish for the floor. However, although it is carried out almost last, it is an aspect that must be paid close attention, so as not to make mistakes regarding the predominant style within the home.

In this sense, the floors forsmall and modern housesmust provide property owners and visitors with thefeeling of being in a much larger space, or presenting a finish whose perception for those who are inside the home is that of a cozy place, according to the little space available.

That is why here we leave you a series of options for floors formodern small housesThey go well with a lot of decorations and interior colors:

  • mosaic floor
  • 25 Ideas of Small and Modern Houses that You Should Know (12)
  • Polished cement floor
  • 25 Ideas of Small and Modern Houses that You Should Know (13)
  • Wooden floor
  • 25 Ideas of Small and Modern Houses that You Should Know (14)
  • marble floor
  • 25 Ideas of Small and Modern Houses that You Should Know (15)
  • stamped concrete
  • 25 Ideas of Small and Modern Houses that You Should Know (16)

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Modern small houses inside

If you likesmall and modern housesand you are willing to live in one, you must be aware that inThe interior of these homes must reveal a world of creativity and functionality, through an intelligent distribution of spaces and furniture., in addition to maximum use of each square centimeter.

To achieve this, the interior decorator you hire will probably opt for an ingenious arrangement of each of the elements that are part of the interior of the property. In this sense, below we present some ideas of what your small and modern house could look like in the future, hopefully very soon.

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Modern small house plans

When it comes tosmall and modern houses, the plans prepared by the architects denote an efficient and functional distribution of the various elements of the home in small spaces. Based on these intelligent designs, we seek to take advantage of every square centimeter, maximizing space without sacrificing style and comfort.

Below we show you some plans ofsmall and modern houseswith multifunctional zones and strategic storage areas that, without a doubt, will allow you to make the most of the little space you have to build your home. Of course your architect will also need to see them to be able to adapt them to your specific situation.

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We have almost reached the end of this article, in which we have explored 25 spectacular ideas that demonstrate how creativity and innovation can turn small spaces into true dream homes.

To do this, it will also be necessary that your architect and engineer and the entire team working on the construction of your home use the highest quality materials. Do you want to know where to get them? Then the following information interests you.

Obtain cement, profiles, sheets and reinforcing steel for the construction ofsmall and modern housesresistant and safe. Contact a Max Acero Monterrey sales executive through the number55 5888 5454or via WhatsApp, request a free quote and place your order today.

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25 Ideas of Small and Modern Houses that You Should Know (2024)


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